Pregnant Katie – Pink Polka Dots

Katie slowly pulls down her cute polka dot dress to expose her perfect, pregnant breasts. They’re big, round, and swollen from how full of milk they are and they’re so sensitive that her nipples get hard almost instantly as she caresses them. She loses the dress entirely and we’re treated to a fabulous upshot of her wonderful tits and huge, pregnant belly. Her hair, tied to the side with a pink hair band, looks absolutely adorable and highlights her angelic face. At almost eight-months pregnant Katie’s belly so big it looks like she’s about to pop! Yet, she still manages to be incredibly sexy and extremely beautiful.

Preggo Katie at seven months

You don’t need music to move your body to, as Katie shows us in this video that features her wearing extremely skimpy, extremely sexy lingerie. She rubs her pregnant belly and shows us her plump, round ass before grabbing a piece of chalk and putting the chalkboard to good use by writing “I am pregnant! 7 month.” As you may have guessed, English isn’t Katie’s native language but she sure does try, bless her heart. She peels off her top to reveal her amazing, swollen tits before sliding down her panties and baring it all.

Katie’s bathroom striptease

This video features Katie in the bathroom yet again, this time wearing sexy lingerie that shows off how huge her pregnant belly has become. The brown-eyed beauty runs her hands all over her seven-months pregnant body before slowly and seductively stripping for the camera. Katie’s definitely not shy and absolutely loves showing the world how beautiful her pregnant body is. She caresses her nude body and proves that pregnant girls can definitely still be sexy!

Katie in the bathroom

This video finds Katie in the bathroom between photo shoots wearing a cute lime-green outfit that doesn’t stay on for long! She quickly slips out of her clothes to show us her big, pregnant belly and full, perky tits that are highlighted by deliciously hard nipples. Fully naked she rubs her pregnant body all over and seems to truly enjoy showing us just how big she’s gotten. Silhouetted by the sun shining through the window, you can really see just how curvy her pregnant body is. Her beauty is topped-off by her stunningly gorgeous face.

Katie in Bed

This video begins with some behind-the-scenes footage of Katie, wearing only a mesh white top, posing for photos on a bed. After the photo shoot is over Katie relaxes and shows off her pregnant body while the video camera rolls. This dyed-blonde beauty has amazing, swollen tits with nipples hard enough to cut glass. At seven-months pregnant her belly is big, round, and every bit as beautiful as her picture-perfect face. Katie is flawless and an absolute gem.

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